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Making the future of health care a reality today

Personalized medicine is transforming the world by allowing physicians to develop treatment plans based on information that is unique to each patient, including health history, environment, and genetic makeup. Renaissance RX is pioneering this new era of health care, providing the tools that make personalized medicine possible. The laboratory offers pharmacogenetic testing and Advanced Toxicology, which produce the data that allow for a high level of individualized treatment. The lab’s science builds upon decades of research in toxicology, genetics, molecular sciences, and pharmaceuticals to make an unprecedented level of individualized care possible.


Renaissance RX has created one of the best urine and saliva toxicology methodologies in the industry, which means we are able to quickly provide reliable, actionable data. Patients can rest assured knowing that their doctors have the best information to help guide their treatment. Coupled with our pharmacogenetic testing services, Advanced Toxicology allows physicians to manage patient care like never before.

Pharmacogenetic testing

One of the most important components of personalized medicine is pharmacogenetics, which relies on how individuals respond to specific medications based on their unique genetic makeup. Armed with Renaissance RX test results, physicians are better able to prescribe the precise medications and dosages that are best for each patient.